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Studies show that the early brain changes which precede the development of dementia may start at the time of perimenopause in women. Particularly as estrogen declines, when periods become irregular, global body inflammation increases. This can result in the development of autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and neurodegenerative processes which not only impair overall cognitive function (think “brain fog”) but also are causing problems at the cellular level of the brain. These cellular level changes set the stage for Alzheimer’s to develop! That’s the bad news!

The GREAT news is that estrogen replacement can reverse these changes, particularly if you start early enough. The brain LOVES estrogen! Even men’s brains love estrogen because an enzyme named aromatase turns testosterone into estrogen to keep men’s brains healthy. I know first-hand how much the brain loves estrogen. About 1 week after I started wearing my first estrogen patch as a part of my menopause hormone restoration treatment, I woke up and felt like a light bulb had turned on in my brain. I could think clearly and quickly… throwback to my earlier self. I thought, “Yeah, now we’re talking! Now I personally understand how this works.”

But estrogen is not alone in matters of the brain, progesterone’s role is to calm your over-anxious mind, let you sleep through the night, and fortify the insulation of your brain cells, all of which protect the brain from the effects of aging as well. So, do you love your brain and want to keep it active and healthy? Do you have a family history of dementia? Are you having trouble sleeping, experiencing brain fog and other hormonal symptoms? See me at Synergy Med Spa and create a plan to maximize your brain’s health together!

Dr. Monica Williams is a board-certified emergency physician who has practiced for 20 years in the emergency department. To survive in such a high-stress environment, she has spent 15 years studying cellular-level health and biohacking herself. She is taking wellness to the next level for her patients at Synergy MedSpa. Call today!