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We are complicated, aren’t we? We have menstrual cycles, mood cycles, life cycles, and all kinds of in-between cycles. So, politely step out of the room if your healthcare practitioner tries to provide you with an over-simplified cookie-cutter answer for your health concerns. 

As Dr. Monica Williams explains, “From your late 30s to early 60s there are all kinds of hormone shifts going on that you can feel but can’t quite describe. For instance, when I was 37 years old I went to my doctor and said, ‘I think I’m dying, we just need to figure out why!’ Obviously, I wasn’t actually dying, but testing revealed that my progesterone production cycle had died off. This left me feeling anxious, irritable, and sleepless. One prescription of progesterone later, I felt restored!”

Here at Synergy Medspa, we actually want to study your body’s cycles! We do not believe in one-size-fits-all answers to your health concerns. After all, you are “you” and your body’s individual blueprint isn’t like your neighbor’s nor your mother’s, although you might share a lot of genetic traits with your mom. 

Ready to take a deep dive into the cycles that affect your hormones, stress, and emotions? Call us today to book an appointment. Let’s explore your health concerns together and find a personalized solution that fits “YOU.” 

 Dr. Monica Williams is both a mother of 3 and a board-certified emergency physician who has practiced for 20 years in the emergency department. To survive such a high-stress lifestyle, she has spent 15 years studying cellular-level health and biohacking herself. She is taking wellness to the next level for her patients at Synergy MedSpa. Call today!

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